5th Sunday

Outside of Our Walls (and say hey to the Pennings)


This Sunday we're going to be outside of our four walls... literally. (Okay, weather permitting.) It will be great to be under the shade of our beautiful trees but more importantly we'll be able to see our neighbourhood. Come ready to talk about the incredible place that God has planted us and to pray for our community. It's going to be amazing! (Bring your lawn chairs and a picnic lunch.)


One family that is making an impact in their community is the Pennings. Barbara and Anthony and their kids live and serve on Manitoulin Island, deeply passionate about sharing Christ with their indigenous neighbours. The Pennings were sent out from our Freedom family seven years ago and continue to make inroads on their mission field. They are a vital part of our mission giving plan this year and it is our privilege to support them financially and in prayer. Join me today, as you receive this email, to pray for this great family.

This Sunday

Speaking The Truth
"Our Mission Field is Right Here (Sharing My Faith is Too Hard)”

Join us on Sunday at 10am as our Pastor Tracy concludes our series… outdoors!

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No Substitute (the necessity of sharing hope in Christ)

This Sunday is the fifth Sunday in March... so, we're ready to celebrate something great about the life of the church with you. This week's theme is: the church's mission. We're going to explore the major ways that we reach beyond our own family and church community and impact the world for Christ. I know it's going to be encouraging and challenging. And, of course, there will be food! How can we celebrate being a part of the body of Christ without a meal? This potluck is all about bringing your favourite international dish. We will feast!

As plans were coming together for this service, I read this article by Tim Keller: How to Be More Public with Your Faith. It briefly outlines some of the reasons that it is difficult to share our faith while reminding us that there has perhaps never been more of a need to. Challenging to say the least. I wanted to leave this with you as food for thought as we prepare to meet together on Sunday and be reminded about the mission that we've been given as believers.

So go ahead and prepare your heart, your mind and your meal for Sunday morning!

See you then,
Pastor Tracy

This Sunday

The Church’s Mission

Join us on Sunday at 10am as we celebrate church life together!

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What are you doing New Year's Eve Eve? (all about what to do with your blessing)

5th Sunday means…

If you're new to Freedom, here's the deal. When a month has five Sundays we take the fifth one and do something special that emphasizes church life and we take the time to share a meal together.

So, as you're eating leftover turkey and trying to figure out where to tuck away all of those stocking stuffers, here's what you can look forward to on Sunday.

See you there!
Pastor Tracy

Prayer for 2019

Last Sunday and on Christmas Eve we made ornaments that shared our prayers for 2019. This Sunday we're going to do something special with those prayers that will encourage you all year long. I can't wait for that!

Plus, at the end of the service we will give you and/or your family the opportunity to receive a prayer of blessing from one of our leadership couples. This is such a highlight of my year.


Water Baptism

If you have made a decision to follow Christ, it would be our absolute joy to facilitate your water baptism. Click the button for all the information you need or give Pastor Tracy a shout.

2015 Freedom Baptism-18.jpg

Soup Potluck

Back by popular demand... the soup potluck. You know what to do. Bring your favourite soup to share and perhaps a dessert to help us finish off this amazing meal. We'll provide the buns!



This Sunday

Blessed & Blessing

Join us on Sunday at 10am as our Speaking Team shares.

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A Step of Obedience (a great way to end 2018!)

2015 Freedom Baptism-28.jpg

Talking about our faith can be intimidating. It brings up a bunch of insecurities and worries about whether we are equipped to answer questions, how people will respond and if we're going to alienate our friends, families and co-workers. And yet, I don't think anyone would argue the point that we are definitely called to boldly share our faith and tell others about the life-transforming power of Christ in our lives.

One of the incredibly important ways we do this is to be baptized in water. When we choose to get into that water we are saying to everyone gathered that Christ is the centre of our lives and we are committed to living for Him and in Him forever.

While water baptism isn't usually done in front of a crowd of unbelievers, it is a testimony to your friends, family and church (and whoever you invite!) of who Jesus is. It builds our faith and reminds of the importance of setting our lives apart for God. It's absolutely one of my favourite things in church life.

If you have made a decision to follow Christ and have never been baptized in water this is your chance to take that step of obedience. We have set aside time in our 5th Sunday service on December 30th for baptisms and it would be our JOY to facilitate this for you!

If you want to learn more, here is a link to the information we provide to people who are interested in getting baptized - it's a great resource.

I know we have a lot of things on-the-go between now and the end of the month but don't miss your opportunity to tell everyone about your decision to follow Jesus on 5th Sunday.

Looking forward to continuing to celebrate Advent with you this weekend!
Pastor Tracy


This Sunday

The Gift of Grace

Join us on Sunday at 10am as Erin continues our Advent series.

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The Gifts of Christmas (what you can look forward to this season)

Around here we are in full Christmas season mode. Our decorations are being pulled out, our website graphics are changing, our rehearsals are in the works... it's going to be a lot of fun!

There are three really important things happening that we want to make sure you have on your minds, hearts and calendars over the next few weeks. Let's get ready for Christmas!

Looking forward to beginning Advent with you,

Pastor Tracy

Warm Gloves Tree for Ray of Hope

In continuation of our support of Ray of Hope, this year we will be collecting warm gloves for them to give to those in need. Starting Sunday you'll see a Christmas tree in the lobby that you can decorate with the gloves you bring in to donate.


Christmas Eve Invitation

We have added some fun, interactive and family-friendly activities to our Christmas Eve service. We want everyone in our community to hear about Jesus and we're making it as easy as possible for you to invite everyone you know. I mean, you wouldn't go to a party unless you knew you were invited, right?

Invitation cards will be available soon!

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 2.21.18 PM.png

5th Sunday Celebration

Did you know that December has five Sundays? That's right! So we're planning a very special service for December 30th that will celebrate church life and help to launch us into the new year. Here are the highlights...



This Sunday

The Gift of Expectancy

Join us on Sunday at 10am as Pastor Tracy begins our Advent series.

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Vision & Values (5th Sunday is happening!)

Today is Thursday. Things are happening around the church that have my heart beating a little faster. Tables are being set up, the printer is whirring, lights are colour-coordinating and yes, balloons are being ordered. It must be 5th Sunday.

When a month has five Sundays we use the fifth one to celebrate some aspect of church life and we make sure that we seal it with a meal together. This one will be no exception.

Our theme this week is VISION. What do we see God doing here at Freedom and how can we be all in? As I was putting my message together I couldn't help but type a little faster and blink away a few tears. It's more than a little exciting to be talking about God at work in us and through us. I can't wait to share it all with you.

And, of course, there will be something interactive. You are going to get a chance to talk to ministry leaders and find out how you can jump in, take next steps or find a new challenge. That's where the balloons come in... but I'll explain that on Sunday.

Here's what you need to do to be prepared for church this week.

  1. Come ready to be inspired.

  2. Come expecting to be challenged.

  3. Bring a "family favourite" dish to share after the service.

In the meantime, I'll be trying to stay calm.

Can't wait to see you on Sunday,

Pastor Tracy


This Sunday

5th Sunday
Vision Emphasis

Join us on Sunday at 10am as Pastor Tracy shares the vision and mission of our church. Be sure to stay for lunch after the service!

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🙌 5th Sunday is Here! (you're going to want to get excited)

Why do we make such a big deal about a month with five Sundays? We know it's great every time that we get together and we celebrate life-change through Christ every Sunday. 5th Sundays just give us an excuse to celebrate in a bit of a different way.

So, this Sunday, come ready for something a bit out of the ordinary. Come ready to celebrate being a part of the Church who worships!

We're hoping to have an outdoor service in church picnic style so here's what you need to know to get ready...

  1. Dress for the weather.
  2. Bring a lawn chair and umbrella or sun shelter if you have one.
  3. Bring a couple of picnic-type dishes to share.
  4. We'll provide a popsicle/ice cream-type dessert and lots of water.

We're going to celebrate how the church has worshipped together through the decades, have "special music", celebrate a water baptism and even have a chance for some testimonies. You won't want to miss it!

Service starts at 10:00am and the picnic will follow.
(We'll be indoors if the weather doesn't cooperate. Rain or shine, come excited!)

Can't wait to see you then,
Pastor Tracy


This Sunday...


Join us on Sunday at 10am as Bjorn shares this incredible story of courage.

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All Things New (Happy New Year!)

Bare Organics.jpg

This time of the year carries the expectation of reflection and I really love that. The days go by so fast that it's always a struggle to take time out to assess our goals and the big picture of our lives. It's built into this season and I always look forward to it.

As I reflect back over 2017, here are some of the things on my heart... a whole bunch of things that we can be thankful for as a church:

  • P. Del and Arlene led us so well and modelled Christ in every part of their lives. It was our privilege to be the church who celebrated their ministry and were able to thank them on behalf of 37+ years of people they have impacted.
  • Our staff, who were all brought onto the team after years of showing excellence in lay ministry. They each took on a new challenge and grace and passion. 
  • Miss Margaret remained a consistent, godly presence in our kids' lives and gave great leadership to her ministries even as many things changed around her.
  • Our board continues to be a picture of prayerful and gracious leadership. We are so blessed.
  • A congregation of people who genuinely like each other and care about each others needs. 

These are the people that I got to link arms with every day in 2017. You are a gift to me and to the rest of your church family. We know we won't ever be perfect in this life but I am confident of our ability to advance the Kingdom of God in Kitchener as the Lord enables us. It is my honour and joy to be your Lead Pastor. 

Grateful for this year and anticipating a beautiful 2018,
Pastor Tracy

This Sunday...

All Things New

"The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning." Lamentations 3:22-23

As has become our tradition, our speaking team will take some time to reflect on 2017 and then look into what we're anticipating for 2018. It's always lots of fun and hopefully sparks some reflection for you as well. But, of course, that's not all we have going on... because it's 5th Sunday!

New Year's Eve AM - 5th Sunday Service @ 10:00 w/ Baptisms (yeah!)
New Year's Eve PM - Appetizer Potluck & Board Games - 4:00-6:00pm

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Expectation ('tis the season)

WebCome To Worship.jpg

As I put the finishing touches on my messages for Sunday morning and evening (Christmas Eve!), a theme keeps emerging... expectation. We've talked about Advent as a season for hope and expectation, anticipating the arrival of Christ and celebrating His birth. But now that we're so close to Christmas Day, what are you expecting? 

Some of us are excited about traditions or that special dish that Great Aunt Bertha makes. Some of us are excited for it to be over and have a couple of days to unwind after a busy season. But let me remind you, just one more time before Christmas, to set your hope in Christ. Expect to see Him in a new way this season. Expect for His love to capture your heart again. Expect to stand amazed in awe and wonder at the miracle of the Incarnation. 

I invite you to join in with the best tradition that our family has. On Christmas morning, before the presents are opened, we read Luke 2:1-20 and pause to thank God for the year behind us, seek Him for the year ahead and centre our hearts on the reason for the day. My family has done this since, well, always. So, I promise that even small children will not explode from the anticipation. Really. 

As you centre your celebration on Christ, I am praying that you will be completely full of joy!

See you on Sunday,
Pastor Tracy

PS - Would you like to be baptized on December 31st? It's not too late... Click here.

This Sunday...

Come to Worship

Church is going to be alive with excitement on Sunday! For our final message of this series, I'm going to wrap it up with a part of the Christmas story that we don't hear very often. King Herod, the Priests and the Magi all have a very different response to the coming of the King of the Jews and there are some lessons and reminders in Matthew 2 for us as well.

And coming up, here are the exciting things happening in church life:

  • Christmas Eve AM - Service @ 10:00
  • Christmas Eve PM - Special Services @ 4:00 and 6:00
  • New Year's Eve AM - 5th Sunday Service @ 10:00 w/ Baptisms
  • New Year's Eve PM - Appetizer Potluck & Board Games - 4:00-6:00pm

You can also follow along with the message on YouVersion. Here's the link.