Expectation ('tis the season)

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As I put the finishing touches on my messages for Sunday morning and evening (Christmas Eve!), a theme keeps emerging... expectation. We've talked about Advent as a season for hope and expectation, anticipating the arrival of Christ and celebrating His birth. But now that we're so close to Christmas Day, what are you expecting? 

Some of us are excited about traditions or that special dish that Great Aunt Bertha makes. Some of us are excited for it to be over and have a couple of days to unwind after a busy season. But let me remind you, just one more time before Christmas, to set your hope in Christ. Expect to see Him in a new way this season. Expect for His love to capture your heart again. Expect to stand amazed in awe and wonder at the miracle of the Incarnation. 

I invite you to join in with the best tradition that our family has. On Christmas morning, before the presents are opened, we read Luke 2:1-20 and pause to thank God for the year behind us, seek Him for the year ahead and centre our hearts on the reason for the day. My family has done this since, well, always. So, I promise that even small children will not explode from the anticipation. Really. 

As you centre your celebration on Christ, I am praying that you will be completely full of joy!

See you on Sunday,
Pastor Tracy

PS - Would you like to be baptized on December 31st? It's not too late... Click here.

This Sunday...

Come to Worship

Church is going to be alive with excitement on Sunday! For our final message of this series, I'm going to wrap it up with a part of the Christmas story that we don't hear very often. King Herod, the Priests and the Magi all have a very different response to the coming of the King of the Jews and there are some lessons and reminders in Matthew 2 for us as well.

And coming up, here are the exciting things happening in church life:

  • Christmas Eve AM - Service @ 10:00
  • Christmas Eve PM - Special Services @ 4:00 and 6:00
  • New Year's Eve AM - 5th Sunday Service @ 10:00 w/ Baptisms
  • New Year's Eve PM - Appetizer Potluck & Board Games - 4:00-6:00pm

You can also follow along with the message on YouVersion. Here's the link.