Jesus in You (then church with a friend)

Go ahead and invite people to church. But make it one step in a journey of drawing them to Jesus. A journey that usually begins by getting to know them – and inviting them to see a genuine expression of Jesus in us. It’s nice to go to a church that’s friendly. It’s better to go to church with a friend.
— Karl Vaters

Here's a simple challenge as you go about your week and head into the weekend. (Click the image below to read the full article.) Let's not ever limit how God can use us in our day-to-day lives or how He can speak through us to the people we rub shoulders with every day. I am praying that you have many opportunities to share with others the hope that you carry with you... and I'm excited to meet the friends that you share Jesus with when you bring them to church!

This week we are starting the sequel to our Bible Says Whut? series. It's all about taking a look at some difficult passages of scripture and learning how to understand them. Like last time you'll come away with tools for studying the Bible on your own. We want you to develop the curiosity and confidence to engage with scripture... even when you have to pause and say, whut?

See you on Sunday,
Pastor Tracy

We're excited to be hosting this event again on Family Day, February 18th! (Click the photo for details.)

Are you available to help us welcome and serve our neighbours? Email Erin today!

This Sunday

A Call for Silence

Join us on Sunday at 10am as Pastor Tracy kicks continues our series.

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