Need a NEXT step? (we can help!)

All this month we've been asking the question, "What's next?" The truth is that nothing in your life stays the same for very long. Even if we feel like we're in a rut of some kind there are still things changing all around you, one season moving into the next. We see in scripture that this truth applies to our choice to be a follower of Jesus as well. There is no instruction in the Bible to have faith in Christ and then check that off of your life goals list. There is a constant calling to grow and be challenged, to study and learn, and to step forward day by day as a fully devoted disciple.

As we've been considering this we want to follow it up with the most practical next steps that we can think of. When you're ready to take on something new and go deeper in your spiritual life and your knowledge of God, how do you choose from the ocean of content that is available these days? That's the question we want to help to answer.

You're invited to NEXT. It's simply just a page on our website that will help you to step into your next discipleship challenge. It's separated into three categories:

  • Life Transformation Courses (a place to begin if you need to build a foundation)

  • NEXT Training (courses and resources to take you deeper)

  • Connect & Train (options for discipleship that you can do with others)

Check it out! We're only just getting started and there are already lots of options for you. Next month we will be launching our first ever video/podcast course that will be accessible to you from wherever you have an internet connection. And, there is lots more on the horizon. Our intent is that tomorrow, a month from now, a year from now and beyond, you can just keep coming back to NEXT and literally find something to help you with what's next on your personal discipleship journey.

Oh, and by the way, if you have ideas for content or topics that would help you take your next steps as a follower of Jesus, I would LOVE to hear them. Find me here.

So, what's next, Freedom?
Pastor Tracy

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