Reaching Around the World (hello from 11,500km away!)

As you read this email I am 11,500 km away. Yep, you read that correctly. We're in Ethiopia! This is a personal trip, one that we have planned to do as a family for a decade. But while we're here we are spending a lot of time with the Fellers, one of our missions families.

It will come as no surprise that what's on my heart this week is all the kingdom work that we are supporting around the world. We set a missions goal of $18,000 this year and we met it in July. Now, all the funds that come in for missions are an extra blessing for these missions families and organizations beyond what we had committed to them. God is good! Thank you for your faithfulness!

So let me just take a moment to remind you that there are about eight weeks left in the year. Maybe God is stirring your heart to give over and above to one of these great families or this wonderful organization right in our own community. I encourage you to step out in obedience and together we can be such a huge blessing in Jerusalem (Ray of Hope), Judea (Pennings), Samaria (Aragons) and the ends of the earth (Fellers).

And let's keep praying for the work that each of our missions partners is doing. It's amazing to see and be a part of what God is up to!

See you on Sunday... I might be jet-lagged but I'll be there!

Pastor Tracy

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