Core Value Check: IMPACTING (how are you getting ready for the fall?)

I know that we are only halfway through this beautiful summer season and I'm not ready to give up on the warm evenings or BBQs yet. But I am starting to think about the fall and make plans for our next season. The kids have new backpacks already (unexpectedly found some great ones at Winners the other day!), I'm planning to go through their closets next week and see what they need for school clothes, and it's almost time to sign them up for their sports activities. I'd guess that a lot of you are starting to think about these things too.

Freedom in no exception. We are finalizing the details of our programs that launch again in September and working hard to get our ducks in a row... even as we work around our wonderful summer holiday time!

One of our core values here at Freedom is IMPACTING: Positively Influencing the World for Jesus. We believe that being involved in impacting others for Christ is a vital part of being a disciple of Jesus. It makes sense, doesn't it? If our lives are being truly being transformed, there is a passion to share that same love, grace and change with others.

My first year teaching at the School of Music (@ the FCC) in fall 2010! 

My first year teaching at the School of Music (@ the FCC) in fall 2010! 

So as you're starting to plan your fall I want to encourage you to ask yourself: Am I impacting anyone with the amazing good news that is changing my life?

There are so many ways you can do this... at work, with your family, with a not-for-profit in our community, in your neighbourhood and on it goes. We also have amazing opportunities right here at Freedom. I mean, we have our own community centre! You don't have to start a new organization - you are welcome to jump into something that is already going on. We love linking arms with you to impact KW for Jesus!

Whatever it is, wherever it is, I invite you to go ahead, pray and plan for more than just your kids' sports activities and wardrobes. Ask God how you can impact your world for Him. I'm doing that with my family - join me!

Impacting Together,

Pastor Tracy


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