Partners in Mission... Ray of Hope (say hi!)

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Say Hello To... Ray of Hope

Allow me to introduce you to or reacquaint you with one of our missions partners. Ray of Hope works right here in Kitchener and provides life-changing services to people in need. They demonstrate the love of Christ to those who are disadvantaged, marginalized, or troubled. Their vision is: "People investing in people. Inspiring Hope. Transforming Life." Wow - it's no wonder that we count it a privilege to partner with Ray of Hope. Their vision and ours share so much in common.

Ray of Hope works in so many different areas of our community. Specifically, they focus on:

  • Community Support
  • Refugee Support
  • Youth Justice
  • Youth Employment
  • Youth Addiction

For the past several years we have been sending a team every other month to make and serve a meal at the Ray of Hope Community Centre. This year, even as we continue to do that, we have a plan to raise funds over and above the cost of the food to be able to bless their ministry in some way at the end of the year. 

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We appreciate everyone who has served with our Freedom team at Ray of Hope and invite you to get involved if you want to participate with us. (Just email Katie and let her know you're interested.)

Thank you for partnering with us as we support this great work in our community and our missions families!

See you on Sunday, 
Pastor Tracy

Want to know more about our 2018 Missions Giving Plan? Click here.


This Sunday...

School of Prayer: Teach Us the Holy Spirit's Power

Praise the Lord for Pentecost - the gift of the Spirit empowering us. Now what? Do you ever wish that there was an "owner's manual" on how to use the Holy Spirit's power? Or does the Holy Spirit use us? Or is it both? So many questions. I have an idea. Let's ask Jesus to teach us to use the Holy Spirit's power. 

See you on Sunday.

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