Community Connection and Easter Series (how about that Loblaw's card?)

Community Connection

This month’s Community Connection challenge comes from an idea brought to us from one of our Freedom Family members. It was such a good idea I thought, let’s make it our Community Connection for March! 

Have you heard that Loblaw’s has committed to giving out $25 gift cards to Canadians that were overcharged for the cost of some packaged breads in their grocery stores? If you aren’t aware, I assure you it’s true! I’ll even provide details on who qualifies and how to register at the end of this email.

Here is the challenge: For those of us that qualify to receive these $25 gift cards, let’s use them to bless three organizations that are doing great work in our community. Sometimes reaching our community happens by coming alongside those who are already doing great work!

If you have already received and spent your gift card or you aren’t eligible, have no fear you can still participate! You can either donate an amount you feel the Lord laying on your heart or pick up a gift card next time you are at a grocery store. 

There are many amazing organizations but we've picked three to focus on with this opportunity:

Monica Place.png

Monica Place

Located in Kitchener and Cambridge, Monica Place empowers young women who are pregnant, parenting or choosing adoption to make informed and healthy choices for themselves and their children. They are a community that provides supportive housing, counselling and on-site education creating opportunities for growth, learning and skill development.

How can they use the gift cards? 
To buy fresh fruits, vegetables and milk for the mother’s and children using their services

Ray of Hope.jpg

Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope’s mission is to demonstrate the love of Christ to those who are disadvantaged, marginalized, or troubled. They provide life-changing social services to young people, adults and families, helping them redirect their life journey and realize their God-give potential. 

How can they use the gift cards? 
To buy food for their hot meal and food hamper programs.

Pregnancy Centre.png

Pregnancy Care Centre

The Pregnancy Centre offer’s support for anyone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Their services are designed to help those in need and are free of charge.

How can they use the gift cards? 
To help mothers in need.

How do you get involved?

  1. Check to see if you are eligible for the Loblaw Card Program by visiting:
  2. Register for free gift card, purchase gift card on your decide on a cash amount to donate.
  3. Bring your card to the box at the Welcome Centre on a Sunday morning.

Excited to partner with you to bless our community!

Erin Jamieson
Community Ministries Director

This Sunday...

Better Than Angels

We're getting excited around here because in just a few short weeks we'll be celebrating Easter together. On Sunday we are going to launch our Easter series called "Better Than". Each message will move us deeper and deeper into the book of Hebrews where the author sets up a case for Jesus absolute supremacy over anything you might want to compare Him to. 

Let me invite you to prepare your heart for this series by spending some time in Hebrews 1:1-4 before Sunday. Meditate on all the amazing truths about Jesus that are found in this short passage and get ready to see all the way that He is better than anyone and anything else this world can offer. 

See you on Sunday,
Pastor Tracy

You can also follow along with the message on YouVersion. Here's the link.