A Season of Sharing Hope (what's the big deal with Advent?)

The season of Advent is a very special time here at Freedom. I know this isn't a season that everyone has experience celebrating so I wanted to take a moment to share the heart of it.

We've shown this video (see below) in services before and it sums up why we take the time to intentionally lead into Christmas the way that we do. Go ahead and take a minute (actually two!) to watch this and share it with your family.

The emphasis for me is the idea of sharing hope as we consider Christ's coming in the past, His presence with us now and our hope of His return. So while we consider our own hope in Jesus, let's keep pressing in to who we could share it with. Of course, Christmas Eve is a great time to invite people to hear the message of Christ, but I'm praying that this season will be filled with opportunities for each of us to share the hope we have. (1 Peter 3:15)

Be sure to grab some invitation cards on Sunday so that you're ready to invite someone to church this season. If it's easier, here's a link you can download and/or share.

Looking forward to sharing hope this Advent & Christmas,

Pastor Tracy


This Sunday

The Gift of Adoption

Join us on Sunday at 10am as Bjorn continues our Advent series.

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