Take the Light (and spread it around)


I was looking at the Weather Network as I was writing this just to see what we are looking forward to over the next couple of days. What I see out of my office window confirms the forecast: 1 hour of sunshine today, 1 hour tomorrow. Oh, but wait...we get 3 hours on Friday. Happy dark and dreary January!

Spiritually speaking, our world has almost gotten used to permanently living under these conditions. If there is a glimmer of light, then it is fleeting and short-lived. We then, who carry the Light of the World, get to take that light into dark corners to give light and hope to those living in darkness.

A while ago I attended a Christian concert at a secular establishment. Naturally, at least 90% in attendance were bringing the Light of the World with them. The potential influence on bar staff, security staff, coat check attendants, and merchandise workers was astounding. That much light in an otherwise dark place should have changed the very atmosphere we were in. However, as I watched, it seemed like we simply joined what was already there rather than making it new.

I know all that sounds really philosophical, but let me put it this way: Our Father makes everything new and brings refreshment to everything He touches. As His kids, this becomes our mandate, "I want to be just like my Dad."

The new year brings about a bit of change for our youth program. We have been talking to the Williamsburg Community Association in hopes that our youth group can find ways to join them in what they are doing. The idea is to take the light that we have and spread it around. So, instead of simply learning to become like Jesus in a church setting, we will also get to practice being like Him to those who don't know Him.

Pray for us, as we take on this new challenge. I anticipate new growth in our students and leaders. I am also believing that this step will help our community cross the bridge that Pastor Tracy has been talking about. Most importantly, I am believing that the lost will find the Light that shines in the darkness.

My prayer is that you will join us in embracing the NEW THING that God is doing in and around you.


This Sunday...

Sacred Word: Rivers in the Wasteland 

As we continue to go through Isaiah 43, we'll be talking about our creative God. Even though the Israelites had pride and found identity in what God had done for them in their history, He wasn't willing to simply hit repeat. His love for us continues to move us on in new and beautiful ways, even if we are in a desert. I'm looking forward to digging into verses 14-21 with you on Sunday! 

- Pastor Tracy

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