The Sew Kewl Sewing School's mission is to "teach the craft of sewing and the art of giving". It is designed to teach students the basics of sewing by completing projects. Some of these projects will be for the students to keep, some will be worked on collectively to donate to others both locally and internationally.

Sewing is a great skill but also a very cool art. We know that you're going to love the Sew Kewl Sewing School! (

Classes offered Fall 2019

Course: Introduction to Sewing

Course Description:  A course designed for participants who have limited or no previous experience sewing.  The format of the course is teacher-directed instruction with participant practice and guided feedback.  Skills learned will include sewing machine use, straight stitch, backstitch, top stitch, corners, curves, clipping, zig-zag and decorative stitches, attaching a pocket and seam ripping. There will also be opportunity to learn about working with patterns. There will be a variety of projects created such as; a pony tail holder, baby bib and shoulder bag.

Dates:  Thursday September 12th, 2019 - Thursday November 21st, 2019 (no class Thursday October 31st, 2019)

Time:  6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Location:  Freedom Community Centre - 1643 Bleams Road, Kitchener

Cost:  $80

Age:  Anyone born 2008 (Grade 6) and older


We will provide most of the sewing supplies that you will need - thread, machines, pins, material, etc. In addition to these supplies you will be asked to provide a few simple things from home or that can be purchased inexpensively that will be used for your class projects ie. simple pattern.